Not all learning spaces are created equal. No matter the challenges, we rise to meet them to provide a safe, clean and productive space for students and staff alike.

Nurturing the learning experience

Immaculate & Welcoming

We make your students feel at home, while they’re hard at work. Our comfortable, immaculately maintained learning environments increase student morale, keeping them happy and productive.

Safe & Secure

It is of upmost importance to ensure students have a safe and healthy learning experience. Our program ensures your facility supports student productivity while reducing health risks leading to absenteeism.

Minimal Disruption

Alpine’s cleaning team works proactively, so whether students are hitting the books in study spaces or just relaxing between lectures, they can enjoy clean, quiet and stimulating conditions.

High Traffic Areas

Gathering spaces such as sports grounds, cafeterias and leisure areas can become overwhelmed with trash when not serviced routinely. Alpine’s team of experienced staff makes quick work of these problem areas.

Informed Friendly Workforce

Our workforce is an extension of your campus. Whether it be to assist a new student finding their way around campus, or simply supplying that human touch by returning a lost item left behind in class, we’ve got you covered.

Service Partner

As your service partner, we understand the value placed on the reputation of your facility and the importance of our services. Alpine goes the extra mile to maintain a status of excellence and exceed expectations.


More than clean


Custodial Services

As leaders in cleaning services, we specialize in providing spotless surroundings that not only makes learning more enjoyable, it also makes for a better operational environment for your lecturers and staff.


Student Housing Services

Let us take the pain out of cleaning and restoring each dormitory’s suites back to their original condition before the new residents move in.


Athletic & Field Management

The challenge for a sports field caretaker is to provide safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing arenas and fields. Our comprehensive services include routine field watering, mowing and composting, basic arena aesthetics maintenance and garbage collection.


Specialty Services

With an interdisciplinary study environment comes unique requirements. We work with you to customize services and schedules that fits your needs. Our fast response times and feedback systems address issues quickly and help improve our services on an ongoing basis.


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